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About us and what we do

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About us

More than 40 years have passed since the birth of the first radio stations, now some radio stations have evolved and turned into web radio stations, syndication or became real radio networks.

Our experience in radio broadcasting began in 1976 with the activity of direction, voice over and creation of the radio programming and lineup. The experience and passion for Good Radio have grown up year after year and have improved after time, not fading but becoming stronger.

On Today Dance Radio we play the best music #weplaythebestmusic. Life is music with Today Dance Radio!

The skills and project

The skills acquired in years of experience and the knowledge of the evolution of the radio sector have allowed us to create alternative projects for current times.
Nowadays the orientation is toward the creation of web radio stations and owned web TV and we offer the best know-how acquired in forty years of experience in the sector.
We are keen to build new and resourceful projects for those who love a different kind of music, we are here not just for listening to good music but for anyone who's seeking a reference on the net.
We wish to realize innovative and comprehensive projects so we offer the possibility to have our own radio station and TV visible and audible in commercial activities, for a musical background of great style.

On TDR Today Dance Radio we play the best. Life is music with Today Dance Radio!

Our musical offer

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Who can take advantage of our offers? From shops to shopping centers, from gyms to offices, there are many activities that can radiate the music of our radios and offer people the opportunity to enjoy the video transmitted by the web tv. 

Who wants to complete the commercial spaces and environments with a special background music, to give life to an enveloping situation, which can be oriented to the best modern dance music with the musical proposals of Today Dance Radio available on our pages.

Today Dance Radio TDR plays the best #tdrplaysthebest.   Life is music with Today Dance Radio and TV

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