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Here's the dance radio station everyone is waiting for, Today Dance is the landmark for those who have the groove and love new generation dance music.

On Today Dance Radio we play the best music #weplaythebestmusic. Life is music with Today Dance Radio.

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24 hrs a day, no ads and funny jingles in a radio programming chosen among the top of the international panorama. This is the radio for dance music lovers, it's online to delight the senses and energize the audience with its unique and charming sound.

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Today Dance is a fresh radio for those who love the new generation dance music, with its strong and incisive rhythms, it's here to unleash who loves the sound of the best international dance music. The dance radio project is born from the will to offer an innovative radio station, completely into dance music. 

Here comes a web radio station that plays the best of the dance music from the 2010's to nowadays. The radio broadcast is dedicated to the great international hits, but we also dive into the most beloved and trenchant dance music of the Italian production.
The radio programming is original and accurate, created for the audience who loves a “party” soundtrack, tailored for the best entertainment that can become the right soundtrack for any time of the day.

On TDR Today Dance Radio we play the best. Life is music with Today Dance Radio!

Those who love the latest dance music does not lose an opportunity to listen to it and our web radios can offer themselves as happy stations to which they arrive. Many are the songs transmitted, which can be listened to in streaming for free by connecting to the web radio page, taking advantage of the musical proposals of Today Dance Radio or Today Dance Classic Radio available on our pages.

Today Dance is the radio specializing in dance music, a station dedicated to those who love pure dance music, to those who never stop dancing and to those seeking a musical background of choice for his business.

The group offers excellent solutions for those who want to radiate offices, shops, gyms and businesses with the pure and incisive sound of dance music.

You can take advantage of our web tv proposal, you can watch our tv music videos, visit Today Dance TV. (you will be directed to the TV website).

Today Dance Radio TDR plays the best #tdrplaysthebest. Life is music with Today Dance Radio!


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