Lady Duracell

Lady Duracell with Get Lifted is on Today Dance Radio every Saturday and Sunday at 8pm (CET Central European Time) with her mixed "Today Dance Remixes Get Lifted".

Antonello Ferrari

You can listen to "Studio 54" the mixed Antonello Ferrari on Today Dance Radio every night at 11 pm (CET Central European Time).

Joe Gauthreaux

Joe Gauthreaux is on Today Dance Radio on Saturday and Sunday at 3 pm (CET Central European Time) with "Today Remixes House Music".


Whether your musical taste is EDM tracks or some of today’s best dance and pop, you are sure to enjoy these "5ik Beats" mixed by DJ Danu5ik. Wednesday 3PM (CET).

Andrea Fiorino

Andrea Fiorino is on Today Dance Radio on Friday from 20:00 to 21:00 (CET Central European Time) with his radio show "Mastermix".

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